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Would you get Google Glass and is it worth it?

Would you get Google Glass & is it worth it?

So here’s my question today.  Google Glass is an interesting new kind of tech that I feel maybe a requirement nowadays.  Back then everyone’s pretty excited when Thomas Edison created the light bulb & Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone.  But with today’s information craving society Google’s recent product of a Google Glass do you think it’ be worth the buy? Or would you decide to hold a little bit because through Google’s lab isGoogle Glass recently creating contact lenses that would report a person’s sugar level.  That thought of it may be a bit scary as we slowly merge our body with technology.  But I am actually excited about this one.  As a blogger it’s be interesting to document my life so that I have something a bit more solid to show my children.  As a driver, I fine that it maybe worth an investment too as you record your daily commute to help collect any evidence to help you in case you experience an accident or being in one.

So are you interested in getting one of these glasses?  For now it’s a bit expensive to acquire but when it becomes available to the public, they maybe able to bring the price down a bit to attract more people to get this device.

Website to find more information about this directly : Click Here

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Will you be part of this new tech culture by getting yourself a Google Glass?  Let me know in the comments below.


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