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Why I limit my network of friends and focus on family.

Today, I’ve felt so depressed as when I started a usual hi & or hello with someone that it came out to one of those dumb moments I felt I normally do on a daily basis.  So more often than I not I just keep to myself.  Is that healthy?  I’m not really sure, but most of the days I can’t seem to bother too much.

I also noticed that when I’m being put on the spot, I tend to spurt out really stupid comments which often gets me into trouble.   Today’s no different, I think that happened to me today.    Instead of saying Hi, I said so are you back in the work force yet? which honestly was such a very dumb thing to do.     I’m such an idiot… I’m so sorry!!! 🙁

But you know this only strengthen my belief in just focusing with family.  Because I can act myself and not sound like such a idiot….  Sigh!!! Sorry I have no other places to vent or speak out to.  Over my 38 years in this world, I’ve lost a lot more friends or maybe still are my friends, or they are just too lazy to connect via Messenger.

Anyway, I’ve reached a very dry spell recently and my mind have been in limbo for the past year.   I hope we can get passed this one day.  Do you have any ideas on how to stay inspired? Or am I just simply in a mid life crisis.

So have you been in the same situation where you felt that you’ve done something wrong or you aren’t quite sure if you have?   Let me know and please comment below, and let’s talk about it.


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