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Uber Concealed a Massive Cyber Attack

Uber Got Hacked 57 Million Users and Drivers Exposed.

Uber Got Hacked 57 Million Users and Drivers Exposed.

It seems like Uber has been keeping something a secret that has recently been revealed. Uber has been hacked and a Global Breach of customer’s personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in October 2016.  And they haven’t notified any individuals or regulators, stated by the company on Tuesday (11/21/2017).  Uber also confirmed that it had paid hackers responsible for $100,000 to delete the data and keep the breach quiet.

Uber Got Hacked 57 Million Users and Drivers Exposed.

Uber’s Chief Executive, Dara Khosrowshahi said that “None of this should have happened and I will not make excuses for it.” basically acknowledging the breach and cover-up.

Hackers have stolen personal data including names, email addresses and phone numbers, as well as the names and driver’s license numbers of about 600,000 drivers in the United States.  The company said more sensitive information, such as location data, credit card numbers, bank account account numbers, social security numbers and birth dates had not been compromised.

Uber Got Hacked 57 Million Users and Drivers Exposed.  – What To Do If You Think You Were Affected –

Since Uber is apparently unwilling to let individual customers know where they were affected by the breach at this point, it’s not a bad idea to assume you were.  And, as a precaution, there are a few steps worth taking.

  1. First thing to do, change your password again.   Don’t reuse old ones.
  2. Review your credit cards to see if there has any fraudulent activity.
    1. Uber stated not to worry but just to be safe watch out for anything just in case.
  3. Setup a credit monitoring service so you are sure that your personal information is not being used.
  4. If you have been hacked recently consider a credit freeze, which prevents new credit from being issued without your direct permission.

Uber Concealed a Massive Cyber Attack


Do you have a friend, family member or any contacts that are Users or Drivers of Uber? Make sure you share this information so that they are made aware of this Uber Being Hacked.


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