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Studying on other ways to make money

How to make money online.

You must have searched this over and over again on Google or your favorite Search Engine.  But you obviously did nothing with it.  Based on my previous article, the idea of procrastinating your way through life.  The idea now is to find a way to push you at least one step towards your goals.  Is there a way to for you to actually making money online?

Surprisingly there are many ways to making money online, and below are just a few tips that I found out recently :

  • Drop Shipping E-Commerce : The idea is quite simple.  You take advantage of one e-commerce company who may offer free shipping and sales & then resell them on another e-commerce website for example Amazon to E-bay.  The idea’s rather simple but I believe time consuming to begin with.  In order to get started you need to discover your niche market.
    • My understanding on Niche Market would be what you would like to do.   Others would suggest researching a niche market but doing your research online, which might also be a good idea.  But what I believe is also important is finding a Niche Market that you are willing to work on yourself.
      • Example 1: If you are interested in computers, then you should choose a Niche Market on around that idea itself.   But according to your research there is a market out there on women’s lingerie.  And you are male and doing this may be uncomfortable  since most of the people you would be selling this to would be for women.  You might loose interest in this market eventually, since your absolute interest would be in computers and not women’s lingerie.
      • Example 2: You found a need for pet’s clothes, but you aren’t sure if you would like to keep an offline stock of these clothes, or outsource it through websites like Alibaba.  Drop Ship is a great idea for you to test the number of people looking for the latest Pet Wear.
    • Once you have a Niche Market you should act quickly to start implementing the idea.
      • The question is how?
        • Go to our partner’s website at and open up a website account.
          • At least at this point you have already reserved your domain name for yourself & your idea.
        • If this isn’t your idea to get started, make sure you sign up an account on your Ebay & Amazon.
    • Start posting.  If you are on your own try to set up a goal for yourself.  Let’s say once every day you should put about 10 to 20 posts into your ebay account.  If you are too busy? bring that goal down to about 5 to 10 posts every day.  Don’t stop until you get movement.




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