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Someone stole contents off my SUV the other day. 2016/02/01

Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan and Tilt IP/Network Camera with 8m Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens, 67-Degree Viewing Angle

Surveillance Cameras are needed in today’s society to help protect your assets and property

I am generally a very trusting person, and when something happens to challenge that it only makes me stronger.  This individual took the time to go through every single area of the SUV.  It was unfortunate that I had it unlocked at the time but it made me start thinking about the safety of our neighborhood.  I called our property manager and he simply stated to call the police not sounding very concerned about it.  Tried the police, they told me to bring the SUV so that they can file a report, which I normally won’t have time for, now this article is not to discourage you from calling the police if you are indeed in trouble, please call them if you are.  But I believe if it is to call them with nothing but a notification, I don’t think we should waste their time, there are larger problems out there where their focus could be pointed to.

We’ve decided to just let it go for now but it got me thinking, how do you protect your property from theft when others don’t have time to do it for you unless there’s evidence of an actual loss.  You can choose to get those security things but they all cost a lot of money.  I found a temporary quick fix that should help and that was that I started reusing a few old cellphones that I still have lying around the house and converted them into a IP Camera that I can use until I can actually start saving enough to get a decent surveillance system.   It honestly got me to a point of being paranoid, but not to worry so long as there is a Lesson to be learned from this.  Always lock your cars, from now on I will always double check to be on the safe side.

MVPower 1280x720P HD Wireless IP Camera for Home Security, WIFI/Network, Video Monitoring, Surveillance, plug/play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision, Motion Detection, Mobile Remote Viewing Function

So anyway back to business, in light of this issue, would you consider investing in a Surveillance Camera, or a set of them? Would you buy just one to record on just a single point in the house? Or would you invest in several, one in the front of the house?  Another behind the house? and a few around key areas of the house?  What would your game plan be?

I have been researching on IP Web Cameras for the past day now.  But there are actually a few really good ones but I find that they are quite expensive to acquire.  They mostly have the ability to wirelessly transmit the video feed into an SD card or via your network to a hard drive device.  With this in mind, you can rest assure that you will gather enough evidence to present to the police.

There are certain features that you may be interested in when choosing a camera.

  • Wifi Enabled
  • Pan / Tilt Feature
  • HD Camera
  • Motion Detection
  • Mobile Remote Viewing


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