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The last official wedding of the year 2011

Wow, 2011 was a tough year for weddings. I never knew how tough it was until we experienced working with east Indian couples. 4 days was a complete and utter bomb.  But the other wedding went amazing. You can’t imagine how many hurdles we had to surpass just to get through the day. One things

09 Sep 2011

Back to drawing board.

With my time at a particular career comes to and end, another door just opened that will take me and the family even further with regard to revenue.  So it is back to the drawing board.  I have to plan another way to step up my game with regard to the businesses we have running

08 Sep 2011

Mac Vs PC

So which is better? The Mac or the PC? For a person who prefers to be on the neutral side it is very difficult to tell which one has the better qualities.  When me and the wife bought the iMac 27″ we initially thought that we wouldn’t be able to tank this computer. We started

06 Sep 2011

When is it a good time to make the proper decision?

Life is honestly very complicated.  It has a challenge for you whenever you throw something at it.  Once you are done with one issue.  It has another one ready for you to work on. It’s like a secretary that has everything prepared for you in order of how your life should work out for you.

05 Sep 2011

What is a good course to take?

You know I have been asking many people this nowadays.  Wharves a good course to take?  There are quite a few people starting out, and quite a few people upgrading.  Somen say, that being a policeman is a good thought, my wife actually said accounting simply because it is the mostbpractical thing to do. My

04 Sep 2011

Is it right to brag?

A viewer the other day mailed me complaining about a friend always bragging to her about what kind of things her friend have compared to her.  Whenever she would buy something and her friend doesn’t have it, the friend would go out and buy it. Is it really good to brag about something? Is it

04 Sep 2011

Doing Right By People.

Sometimes I begin to wonder why people change. People who take advantage of your kindness and expect to give you more out of them. Painful as it may seem there are people like that. Not expecting they do this to the people who try to help them out.  The frustration of forgiving because of making

30 Aug 2011

Find your money maker.

Guys and Gals.  I know there are a lot of people having fun out there, not a lot of people thinking what their fall back plan is when they are older. A few people called me crazy for having so much money on my RRSP, when they know that I needed the money right now. 

27 Aug 2011

Speaking my mind

I had a year to think about it. I guess the best place to start talking about life in general is right here. And finally I said to myself that if I were to restart a blog, it better be at a place where I begun.  It is always better than never. Ok, with my

26 Aug 2011

I am having another shot in Blogging.

Hi there everyone, welcome to my website. Hopefully I can find some purpose for this in the near future.

22 Aug 2011
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