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Local Auctions in our Area

Osman Auctions So there are two places that I normally go to for our Auction, one would be Kastner Auctions & Osman Auctions. There are a few great items for sale there, and hopefully can get a few good shares here by sharing to you a few items that you might be interested in. Please

12 Mar 2013

Basement Under Development

In our quest to make more money before we get way to old to do so, we are planning to set aside enough money to get the basement developed. Do I know how to do it? Heck no! Lol

22 Oct 2012

Southtown Hyundai Customer Review

Southtown Hyundai Dealership Customer Review Ah, a place where I can talk about my Southtown Hyundai experience in much better details.   But since I have no limit to how I want to build this review on my own website, I thought it is best to start from the beginning.   Hopefully with the story I am

29 Jun 2012

Improve your ranking with SEOPressor a WordPress Plugin.

SEOPressor I woke up one morning and decided to figure out what is with this SOPA thing the American Government were advertising about. Soon after Megaupload was offline & Videobb turned off their rewards program.   Makings things a lot more difficult to make money on the web.   You can’t blame the people who

06 Feb 2012

Getting ready for 2012!

2012 Before I forget, Merry Christmas Every One and a Happy New Year. It is not everyday I write on this blog and heck i have been meaning to write on this at least on a daily basis.  But my plans never push through…  the best part about 2011 is that me and the family

07 Jan 2012

My Days Are Numbered.

It’s a funy choice of title, knowing that I am almost out of retail. I really hope that most of you do not have to go throug what I went through. Retail is such a fast paced industry that you may get lost sometimes in things to do and things on not what to do.

25 Sep 2011

Alea’s first solids.

Alea Eating Her First Solids.  

23 Sep 2011

First of many videos

So, I just uploaded a couple of videos on my new Videobb account.  So this one is a clip of Alea when she was much younger sucking on a Pacifier.

21 Sep 2011

Now I got your attention….

Alright everyone, the reason why I revived this website is simply because of an experiment. An experiment of how much information I give to you with minimal effort but maximized ways to make revenue over the Internet. I know everyone is interested in knowing how that works. I do… Basically it starts with giving out

13 Sep 2011

A new chapter in your life.

A New Chapter In Our Life You know everyone, sometimes you have to make a big decision in your life and that would seriously affect your families view on you & your taking as to how you can make it big in any industry.     Hopefully 2012 would be a big year for us,

10 Sep 2011
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