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New projects this 2016…

So I have been planning for revenue related projects for 2016.  And some volunteer work so that I can help out people get better life…. So let’s start with the free stuff so that you know to come to me if you need assistance in anything. Computer and IT Services Ok what we are offering

28 Dec 2015
Make Money Online

Studying on other ways to make money

How to make money online. You must have searched this over and over again on Google or your favorite Search Engine.  But you obviously did nothing with it.  Based on my previous article, the idea of procrastinating your way through life.  The idea now is to find a way to push you at least one

30 Jul 2015


Does your life feel a little monotonous?  Mine does a lot…. I always feel I am able to do a lot of things in life but the usual hindrance of having no money is always an issue.  There are so much ways to make money on the web and during your offline world the challenge

04 Mar 2015
Bucket List

Bucket List

Yesterday, I just turned 34 years old and it got me thinking about creating a Bucket List for me and my family to work on before we pass the torch to my daughter Alea. I’m pretty confident in my team’s goals for life.  It’s what we live for and at the same have a few

24 Oct 2014
Google Glass

Would you get Google Glass and is it worth it?

Would you get Google Glass & is it worth it? So here’s my question today.  Google Glass is an interesting new kind of tech that I feel maybe a requirement nowadays.  Back then everyone’s pretty excited when Thomas Edison created the light bulb & Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone.  But with today’s information craving

26 Mar 2014
Save Your Money

Interesting Ways To Manage Your Money

As a few of you guys already know my main goal here with this website is to share with you guys and gals ways to making money online or even offline if you have to.  But the question came to me as how one should best manage their money if they are having a tough

13 Mar 2014
Talk Show

Interesting Talk Shows

During my time going around the Internet I spent my time watching a few interesting men that holds a talk show in America.  Thought you guys would be interested to know a bit about them and their type of comedy. Craig Ferguson  (born 17 May 1962) is a Scottish-born American television host, stand-up comedian, writer,

12 Mar 2014
Alex Boye

Alex Boyé

This morning I took the time to learn a little about an artist by the name of Alex Boyé while searching for a currently popular song “Let It Go” from a Disney movie called Frozen. Learn more about him by going to his Wiki Page — >> Click Here << Alex Boyé (born 1970) is

11 Mar 2014

MLM – Multi Level Marketing Programs and Why I Think You Should Avoid Them

MLM Multi Level Marketing Programs and Why I Think You Should Avoid Them. OK, here is a typical scenario as to what normally happens to people in the MLM industry.   They will contact the unsuspecting person and ask them if they would like to meet at a restaurant or something for no apparent reason.   The

08 Mar 2014
Business Plan

What’s the plan so far?

Wow making some money so far is very hard across the board.  But I have bumped into a few things that might peak your interest which I will mention eventually down this passage. Ok for starters my Zeal Adventure died on the spot when they started restricting a few things which basically is preventing me

07 Mar 2014
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