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Now I got your attention….

Alright everyone, the reason why I revived this website is simply because of an experiment. An experiment of how much information I give to you with minimal effort but maximized ways to make revenue over the Internet.

I know everyone is interested in knowing how that works. I do…

Basically it starts with giving out some good materials over the Internet, something everyone would be interested in getting or knowing about.

An effective way to deliver this media to your people. And relevant ads to make that revenue start.

In this experiment I am going to start by not putting ads on this website but trying to figure out a way to earn that through way of data and media delivery.

Not today though just giving you a headsup.

Anyway if you are that kind of person, looking for the end of the rainbow for your pot of gold.  How far are you willing to go in order to get it?


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