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New projects this 2016…

So I have been planning for revenue related projects for 2016.  And some volunteer work so that I can help out people get better life…. So let’s start with the free stuff so that you know to come to me if you need assistance in anything.

Computer and IT Services

Laptop and Computer Services

Ok what we are offering for free is my advise, so if you are stuck and you need someone to talk to, we will give you a lead as to what to do in order to get your computer back in working order.   So hook as up on facebook or Skype or even here, we will get give you leads in order to get your computer fixed.  It is important to know that you are speaking to a legit person and not one whose sole interest is to get money from you and not fix your compute at all..

So do you a computer problem? Let me fix it.

Immigration Related

Immigration Ideas

This service is completely free.  We can’t and we will not charge you for trying to aim for a better life.   So it is free to ask.  Contact me now so that I can help guide you towards the right direction.   A lot of the agencies will ask you a service fee before getting any form of help from them.

So same deal, if you have a question make sure you look for me on Facebook and we can start the Q&A portion of this conversation. Please note that this target is for people who wishes to Immigrate to Canada.  The best I can do is guide you and point you towards the right direction so that you can make a sound decision as to what you would like to do next.    I will eventually start creating blog posts related to this so that you can be guided properly.  Please avoid scams.. there are loads of these, I have heard crazy stories about friends and families being cheated off their life savings because someone got greedy.

So please remember this is free.. and all I can do is point you towards the right direction and guide you based on the what the Canadian Website has to offer you.  Immigrate To Canada if you want to start this adventure on your own.   Please remember that all the information you need to move to Canada is there on this website.

Other Projects will be as follows :

  1. Dot To Life : We will be outputting about 5 articles daily before bed time that’s heavily useful to things that might be of interest to other people and hopefully yourself.
  2. Bryan Agoncillo : Will continue to be our test bed for beta related items that should help in the future projects.
  3. Kitakits : Our Wedding Projects will heavily depends on the staying of Christine’s Mum.  So the one thing we can advertise would be birthday projects.
  4. KSIhost & : Our hosting project will contain several a few articles that would help in the growth of this division of the company.

Anyway so far so good, things are working for the better…


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