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MLM – Multi Level Marketing Programs and Why I Think You Should Avoid Them

MLM Multi Level Marketing Programs and Why I Think You Should Avoid Them.

OK, here is a typical scenario as to what normally happens to people in the MLM industry.   They will contact the unsuspecting person and ask them if they would like to meet at a restaurant or something for no apparent reason.   The weirdest part of all is that that person hasn’t spoken to you in a few month and all of a sudden they are speaking to you like they are your best friend.  This would be the first red flag that I would have spotted.

You decide to meet up with that person because you haven’t met that person in a while and wouldn’t mind socializing with him and playing a bit of catch up (or her).  Another typical scenario is the person is asking you to be invited into your home because some type of business requires them to demo the product with wide open space.   This is another obvious red flag to keep note of.

Still you go against your better judgement and invite them or go to them anyway.  Now you feel obliged to listening because that person is preparing a meal for you to eat.

And at the end of the program they would ask you if you felt excited about the product and would spend the next few hours convincing you as to why you need to buy it.

They also convince you why if you recommend 5 more people would give you the same product for absolutely free.  I think it’s crazy right?  Even though I don’t doubt the benefits you get from the product the chances are the products you are going to buy are really pricy.  There was one demo I went to just for the fun of it and the food was delicious but at the end of it they were trying to to purchase a bunch of pots and pans that cost about a minimum of $4,000 they even said that I should shoot for the $6,000 package.   Me, a guy who has never cooked before in his life.  Pushing me to invest in a 6K worth of Pots and Pans..  They probably haven’t thought that through but in the end they obviously did not make me buy anything.

At this point in time you choose to move forward with the sale or you pull back.  My suggestion?  pull black please.  Unless you are really interested in the product just buy it for yourself and ask them not to bother you again if it is with regards to this product.

Back then when I was still in university I used to believe that the MLM program is an unbeatable system.  But I later discovered that it has flaws and the flaws begins with your circle of friends.  Being that a great majority of us have a modest income and our circle of friends are normally smaller than what you had back in high school or collect.   That’s another thing too.  If you are in college you are trying to market these products to the same people who are going to school as well.  They don’t work they are students therefore they don’t have money.  Either other it is a totally bad idea.

If you decide to go forward this is what you should do first:

  • Always Do Your Background Check : 9 times out of 10 you will find a lot of dirt from any particular program
  • If their business model begins with you having to recruit a few people : This is a Red Flag as this would be a Pyramid. I have nothing against a Pyramid Business Model but it’s number one flaw is that it makes it’s money from the people and not the product.  So what part of that is passive income if you decide to have your team stop recruiting people.
  • Another sign is that whenever you recruit people you are require to pay a joining fee : This is about a good time for you to back out by now  This is an obvious pyramid scheme.  The beauty in an MLM system is in the product not in the person.
  • Make sure you have an excellent upper level support team : My team failed in my latest MLM adventure because of poor upper level support team.   There are some people who prefer to help themselves.  Having a poor upper level support team means that your marketing arm will surely fail because you don’t know who to turn to when things go horribly wrong.
  • Make sure the price is right : Make sure when you are joining a program that you are buying the value of the product and by no means the price is connected to any form of recruitment fee.

If you decide to say no and you choose to avoid your friend or contact, may I suggest the following steps :

  • If someone invited you and you are already aware of the program they are suggesting that you should join.  Just let them know that you are already a part of the program and decided to pull out of it because of some a time constraint.
  • Being honest in this particular situation will not help your cause of pulling away from this.  So if you are one who hates telling a lie..  Trust me it won’t work, if someone is dedicated in letting you join they will certainly push you to join them.

In conclusion :  I would advise avoiding any form of MLM what so ever since they offer less than what they will give you back in return.  I would much rather personally help you get to the goals you are dreaming of instead of you joining this absolutely useless en devour.


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