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Save Your Money

Interesting Ways To Manage Your Money

As a few of you guys already know my main goal here with this website is to share with you guys and gals ways to making money online or even offline if you have to.  But the question came to me as how one should best manage their money if they are having a tough time doing so to begin with.

This is a known fact, a lot of people do not know how to save their money thus shooting them on the foot when they are much older.

So may I suggest a few ways to be able to save your money that maybe easy enough for you to do.

Put it into your RRSP

Edward JonesPut your money into a trusted finance company that you have to go through hoops to get.  It has to be a convenience to a point though so at the end you can request for the funds to be transferred into your account.  The reason why I mentioned this is that if you are connecting your RRSP to your bank directly, seeing that number whenever you log into your bank account is quite tempting.  You do have online access to your account here too but at least it’s there to a point where you don’t normally log into it everyday to watch how much you have.  But you know the best thing about this is at the end of the year you can actually get a good tax return which is also another way of money.

Company Website : Click Here

Put It Into Stock Investments

eToroOk before you start judging, but first hear me out.  You know at first I found putting my money into Stock Investment really scary because almost every platform I was thinking of joining is extremely complicated!  But now I bumped into this company called eToro and it got me very excited because they simplified things for us newbie investors.  The idea is that they created this platform into a Facebook familiar environment so that a lot of the would be investors be able to learn it quite faster and learn from other more experienced investors.  If you are interested into joining us, I am more then willing to help you out by giving you a starter credit of $20 dollars to invest into a technology stock.  Whenever you sign up you also get a $10,000 virtual money to play with to be able to figure things out here.  Now one of the reasons why I think this is a good way to save a spenders money is because you are spending your money by investing your funds into stocks.  Now if you stocks do great, you will get a great return from it. So please do your research before investing.

eToro’s Official Website : CLICK HERE

Interested In That $20 Dollar Gift Card Requesting For An Invite : Email Me

Convert To Coins & Place It Into A Shoebox in your basement or secret spot.

CoinsCoins are annoying aren’t they? Most of that times you don’t really know what to do with them.  So my suggestion is to save them.  Find an empty shoebox or anything similar in size and whenever you have coins put it in there.  Most of the times you would learn to forget all about it.   Eventually that box will become full of coins thus succeeding your money saving adventure.


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