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Blank Google Search Google Chrome

Are you getting a blank page when doing a Google search with Google Chrome?

Blank Google Search

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Let’s face it Google’s internet browser Google Chrome is by far the best browser based on my experience.  But when the browser becomes temperamental you have to use it’s counterparts in order to get it fixed.  I’ve tried clearing the browser’s history and contents, but still comes up with the same issue. So when I was getting a Blank Google Search  I even tried reinstalling the browser but I was still getting a Blank Google Search results from Google whenever I use Google Chrome.

So apparently this is due to a corrupted History Data file.  Let’s locate this file and rename it from History to History.tmp then reload Google Chrome this should fix your issue with the Blank Google Search you are having.  If you are still having issues with this, please feel free to contact me personally so that I may help identify the issue for you.

Blank Google Search

Step One Blank Google Search


 Step Two Blank Google Search

So what you saved on your clipboard, paste the profile path here.  Then look for the file that says History & rename it to History.tmp. Make sure your Google Chrome Browser is closed down as you won’t be able to rename this while it is open.  Hopefully this should fix your Blank Google Search issue

 Blank Google Search


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