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Alex Boye

Alex Boyé

Alex Boye

This morning I took the time to learn a little about an artist by the name of Alex Boyé while searching for a currently popular song “Let It Go” from a Disney movie called Frozen.

Learn more about him by going to his Wiki Page — >> Click Here <<

Alex Boyé (born 1970) is a British-born Mormon singer and actor of Nigerian descent.

Boyé’s mother and father are Nigerian. While pregnant, Boyé’s mother went to London while his father remained in Nigeria. He was born in England and returned to Nigeria to live with his father for the first few years of his life. His mother remarried and worked for the London Underground, cleaning tracks at night.

Please watch his playlist of songs on his YouTube Video Channel by >> Clicking Here <<.

Please support him by subscribing to his channel, just listened to him today and I am loving his tunes.


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